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"inspiring a community response

to wellness & suicide prevention"


In response to high suicides in Finglas, the fsn was jointly established in 2004 by concerned volunteers and community based agencies to provide access to support services for those who are in crisis and experience distress. Working in partnership with kindred organisations, the fsn fosters a community led approach to the provision of mental health care and support, particularly suicide prevention. Our response has resulted in the development of alliances with other professional services so that immediate access to help and support is available. We also organise training and seminars on mental health care and positive coping skills and to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention. 

We inspire, organise and sustain a community response that aims to reduce suicide in Finglas and neighbouring areas by increasing mental wellness and creating hope.



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React Early And Create Hope




The FSN is a voluntary community service with charitable aims. Our counselling service is provided by professional talk therapists at varying levels of experience including fully accredited professional counsellors and psychotherapists affiliated with nationally recognised accrediting bodies. We also recruit counsellors who are qualified and are working towards professional accreditation. For students undergoing professional counselling training and are studying towards a counselling qualification we offer them clinical practice hours. Our counsellors are supervised by accredited supervisors. Together, we are governed by a constitution which includes our foundation agreement, objectives and rule.  Our aim is to provide easily accessible and affordable counselling. €10.00 if your working & €5.00 if on any social welfare payment. The counsellors and therapists delivering our service act in a professional manner and at all times abide by ethical frameworks for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy. Our service offers brief or open ended, one-to-one counselling and group support.

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