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Thank you letter to Pieta House.


"I thankfully acknowledge receipt of a letter dated 29th March 2014 from Pieta House management informing us of your decision to relocate your services to larger premises.


Over the past few years, the FSN in association with Pieta House has worked tirelessly side by side in the FSN centre, combining our resources and efforts to successfully lower the number of deaths by suicide in Finglas and neighbouring areas.  


By invitation, your personnel readily assisted us, together with other kindred organisations to provide life-saving counselling services for people in our community who are in crisis or distress to help them not use suicide as a way to deal with life’s difficulties.


The FSN’s work in Finglas has significantly developed and flourished since its establishment in 2004 and thanks to your support, we continue to provide praiseworthy professional counselling services that are respected, recognised and valued.


We especially thank you for your counselling service provided in partnership with us in the FSN centre which has contributed to the FSN’s vital service recognition as a whole.


It is with great sorrow that I write to you on learning your decision to relocate your service and I fully appreciate your need to find larger premises to provide your service as explained.


In light of this news, we the FSN executive committee wish you every success in your decision to relocate your service to premises that are more fitting to your service requirements.


To make the move and transition to your new premises a bit more effortless, we extend to you our offer of help in any way possible.


We also wish your organisation continued success in all your locations nationwide and we extend our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the people of Finglas and neighbouring areas for your involvement in helping us provide counselling support in the FSN centre.   


Finally, on behalf of the FSN executive committee, I congratulate you on your recent success in securing new counselling premises and we are especially pleased to learn of your decision to remain a part of the counselling referral pathway available to us and the Finglas community."



Helena Moran

FSN Chairperson.


The                       is honoured and grateful to have the support of many organisations including:

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We also acknowledge the kindness and generosity of local businesses and in particularly all those individuals who have raised funds to help keep services available.  

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Please read below a summary of Finglas support and Suicide prevention Network’s implementation and progress on a suite of ongoing community responses and resilience plans funded by the National Office of Suicide Prevention.


Following the appointment of a manager in February 2014, the FSN has developed a range of training plans and education workshops for volunteers, community activists, young people and front-line workers in the community and voluntary services. 


To date, the FSN executive committee has secured the services of suitably qualified and experienced tutors to carry out Mindfulness, Assist, Safe Talk, Mind Out and Bereavement Support Training all of which are currently being rolled out and are planned to be completed towards the end of November/December 2014.


Public talks and workshops on positive mental health, capacity building and social cohesion, including Engage Training have also commenced. Additionally, revelent topics and speakers have been identified and dates and venues secured for implementation.


Evaluation reporting on these is ongoing with a final evaluation document to be made available to N.O.S.P. by the end of November/December.


Plans for the annual Finglas Wellness Week and associated activities are completed for rolling out in October together with a strong social media campaign strategy to promote positive mental health and wellness.


The FSN executive committee has successfully recruited additional counselling personnel to provide a full weekly counselling support service for Finglas and neighbouring areas. While general counselling support concentrating on anxiety, worry, stress, depression, bereavement, loneliness etc. is now readily available to all, the service also focuses on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention support.


As part of a robust promotional campaign for counselling service provision, the FSN will be launching the official website which explains and promote counselling services. This online platform also provides information sharing and knowledge exchange to assist those who seek help to find immediate support in the locality and make direct contact.


The committee is also actively involved in continuous dialogue with a number of voluntary organisations, agencies and groups in joint efforts to develop a united community response and interagency approach to address suicide in Finglas and neighbouring areas in north county Dublin, and to assist those impacted by suicide.


A great deal of work and effort has been directed towards preparation and implementation of necessary protocols for self-referrals and referrals by professionals to the FSN counselling service.


Finally, the FSN executive committee expresses appreciation to N.O.S.P for their continued assistance and support in the development and implementation of our response plans.

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