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Whatever you’re going through, we believe counselling helps find a way through life’s difficulties by exploring answers that might not be so easy to see right now. 


Counselling is a process whereby you meet with a counsellor in a quiet and private environment to seek help in exploring and understanding thoughts, behaviours and circumstances that are troubling you. The discussion between you and the counsellor is confidential.




Confidentiality is a central and integral part of the counselling process and is assured to each client who avails of counselling. 

Our policy of confidentiality ensures that any individual attending counselling can freely discuss the most sensitive of issues in a protective and caring environment, safe in the knowledge your identity and issues will not be divulged. In exceptional circumstances, counsellors may need to break confidentiality if they believe there is a real intent of serious harm or danger to their client and/or another individual. Such circumstances may pertain to issues relating to sexual abuse, rape, self-harm, suicidal ideation or criminal activity. In as far as is possible, in such cases, a full explanation will be given regarding the necessary procedures that may need to be taken.


Our Counsellors:


Our counselling service offers help in a safe and confidential setting. We aim to provide a supportive and encouraging environment. It is important to us to demonstrate understanding and sensitivity to your feelings and emotions. We feel that through nurturing and valuing your strengths and resources, opportunity is provided to explore your individual experience of distress. We encourage insight into patterns of behaviour that may prevent you from leading a fulfilling and satisfying life. Our therapeutic approach is Integrative, drawing on a number of therapeutic theories and techniques.  


Our counsellors receive ongoing professional supervision and continuous training in counselling & psychotherapy. This ensures the service you receive is of the highest standard. We also aim to provide a comprehensive and skilled counselling and psychotherapy service, committed to the highest degree of ethical practice and care for clients. We create a non-judgmental climate where the person seeking help can feel accepted and supported while expressing their feelings, ideas and emotions in safety. Our counsellors help you explore whatever lies behind feelings and emotions. This process enables you to gain new perspectives on problems, discover inner resources, build on strengths to make meaningful choices and live a more satisfying life. 


What to expect:


Entering Psychotherapy or Counselling is a significant step in anyone’s life and may be a new experience for you. You may find it helpful to consider these points:

People seeking help can be referred by their GP, other concerned professionals, family member, or you are welcome to contact us directly yourself.

The first session will provide you an opportunity to meet and ask any questions, as well as to jointly assess whether therapy or counselling may be useful for you at this time.

If appropriate, counselling will be offered to you. If you feel, after careful discussion together, that counselling would not be appropriate at the moment, other forms of help can be considered and discussed and a next step identified.

You will usually arrange to attend for one session per week, keeping consistency to time and day where possible. This regularity may hopefully enhance the experience of emotional containment and holding.


About your visit:


We invite you to arrive 5 minutes prior to your first appointment for assessment. Appointment times begin promptly. Our team of professionals strive to welcome, listen and support you during your visit. 24-hour notice of cancellation is greatly appreciated. Your sessions last 50 minutes.  


you're not alone!

and sometimes life is almost overwhelming!

we're here to help you

   sometimes life feels challenging...

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