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23rd March 2019

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Due to Covid-19 all public events have been cancelled until further notice.
We at FSN are extremely grateful for all the hard work put into the events and all involved and who donated to our service. 
Because of all your help, our service can keep going in helping others in our community and surrounding areas. Also raising awareness that, It's ok to not be ok, and always remember,
A problem shared is a problem halved. 

December 2018

The FSN are about understanding you and our communities 
Please do the same and take time to relax and smell the pines and look at the lights of life.
Loss is a very hard time but almost impossible for others to imagine so allow the sorrow to be acknowledged 🌹

"support your local" 


29th November 2018

Turning on of the Christmas lights

    F S N

lord mayor xmas 2018.jpg

FSN Volunteers with the Lord Mayor of Finglas Linda Emmett

dessie xmas 2018.jpg

FSN Volunteers with Dessie Ellis

Sandra Dillon Promotions, Helena Moran(Chair),Claire mc Grath(Treasurer)

paul mc auliff xmas 2018.jpg

FSN volunteers and James Moran with TD Paul mc Auliffe

"support your local" 




santa tree lights 2018.jpg







This day marks the beginning of Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. It would be fair to say that this week means something different to all of us. For some it is a time to remember those lost to suicide. For others it’s an occasion to raise awareness, letting those in need know it is ok not to be ok and to talk. It is also a time where we can remember our own personal struggles. For us, Suicide Prevention Week is a time to increase awareness about the services available in our community that offer help to people who are in difficulty, distress or in crisis. It is also a time to reflect on how a death by suicide has touched us and the community we live in. For our part, the FSN will launch an awareness campaign to mark World Suicide Prevention Day and we are hosting a series of events to generate awareness of the support and lifesaving service available in the Finglas community and neighbouring areas.  


During this week we would like to share our message of hope: that as a community we need to embrace people who are experiencing despair by working together and creating a supportive society. We would also ask people to reach out and come together within their communities to take part in these life saving events.


The FSN believes that Mental Health Care is a fundamental human right, and our service ensures that anyone seeking help is not turned away due to waiting lists or low income, and therefore, receives immediate professional care. 


Because of our dedicated work in preventing suicide, we believe we are helping the most vulnerable people in our community by offering counselling support to all and where appropriate free of charge. With very limited financial resources, the continued increase in demand on our service to provide professional care is difficult to sustain. Nevertheless we are thankful that we can continue our lifesaving work.  


Of course, none of this is possible without the help and support of our amazing counselling personnel, our wonderful volunteers, the Friends of FSN and many others who support us. We particularly acknowledge the tireless efforts of our committees and community partners.  


Thank you for supporting us during Suicide Awareness Week. Our hope is that together we can create better awareness about the importance of fostering a culture where we look after and care for one another, so that together we can help make our community a better place for all of us to live in.


Random Acts Of Kindness

you're never alone...




positive wellness







Every October our sub-committee, the Finglas Wellness Group organise a series of events which take place during Finglas Positive Wellness Week commencing on 5th October. A link to view this years timetable and details of events, talks and workshops will be available soon.

The FSN organisatoin has served the people of Finglas and surrounding areas for many years. This year marks the 10th anniversary since our foundation and to celebrate this achievement the fsn executive committee are hosting a very special occasion to thank all those wonderful people who have volunteered, raised funds, given their time, professional support and those who have helped grow and sustain the FSN counselling service. To celebrate this milestone, the FSN are hosting a Community Christmas Party as our way to thank those people who have supported us over the years. This thanksgiving event is also a special community occasion to remember loved ones who have died by suicide. The FSN would also be very honoured and grateful to organisations who would consider using this event as a Christmas party to share in our 10th anniversary celebrations. The celebration takes place on Saturday, 29th November at 8.30pm in Erin’s Isle GAA Club Finglas. For further details please use our contact details.




29th november 2014 

join us in celebrating 10 years of service 

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