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The fsn have launched a public appeal for support to help keep counselling services running in Finglas. This appeal comes as a result of a shortfall in funding. 


As an organisation, the fsn is dedicated to help people who experience difficulties and distress and are thinking about suicide. Currently we provide counselling services to help people in Finglas and neighbouring areas.  


The FSN knows only too well the current challenges charitable organisations face and this is a reflection of the difficult circumstances many donors, both individuals and companies, have found themselves in this year. Speaking about the possible consequences of this funding gap, our chairperson, Marie Whelan said: "our services and projects around the Finglas area are right now working with many vulnerable teenagers, adults and families who are experiencing distress from terrible hurts caused by poverty, disadvantage, neglect, loneliness, addiction and other difficulties that have a negative impact on their lives. The fsn works tirelessly to help people live mentally healthier lives and fosters positive change in the lives of those we support to help them create better opportunities and brighter futures. We do not want to stop providing this life saving help and for that we need the public's support. We truly appreciate all the support people have given us to date and we understand the financial difficulties many face. We are therefore appealing to those who can, to please give and to help us create many fun filled themed initiatives and fundraising activities to meet the shortfall in our income." 






become a friend of 


The purpose of the Friends of fsn is to provide support to the organisation in raising funds for the development and support of fsn activities. 


Friends of fsn are not involved in the provision of support or services to persons contacting the organisation.


A person involved with the Friends of fsn who wishes to offer their services to the organisation in a voluntary capacity shall be subject to the recruitment policy and procedures as applies to voluntary workers.


The Friends of fsn need to be constituted in a proper manner with a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and it shall be mandatory that a representative of the fsn management is part of this committee (person to be nominated by the fsn executive committee).


It is required that notes/minutes of all meetings of the Friends fsn are recorded and maintained in a proper manner.  This is essential as all committees under the fsn banner are answerable to the FSN executive committee 


Financial records of all activities of the friends of fsn need to be maintained with a record of all income and expenditure relating to all of its activities provided to the executive committee or a nominated person within the organisation.  Such records shall be signed by both the treasurer and chairperson of the Friends of FSN prior to being forwarded to the executive committee. 


All funds raised by the friends of fsn shall be forwarded to the organisation and shall be managed appropriately by the financial controller of the organisation.


The friends of fsn shall be provided with a report and breakdown of how the funds they have raised have been used in supporting the organisation.


It is essential that a request for approval for all fund raising activities to be undertaken by the friends of fsn is made to the executive committee before running any event.  Such approval needs to be given in writing from the executive committee or a nominated person. 


Where possible the funds that are raised by the friends of fsn shall go towards supporting fsn activities locally. However in certain circumstances this may not always be possible due to pressures within the organisation. 


No interviews with local or national media are to be undertaken by the friends of fsn without approval of the executive committee. 


Anyone who fundraises on behalf of fsn will be registered as a friend of fsn. 








We invite residents and businesses in the greater Finglas area to give a 5 euro monthly donation for a year. 


All committed recruit donors will be asked to fill out a direct debit mandate/standing order giving their bank details and signed authorisation for the FSN to debit the donor’s account monthly. This will be executed according to terms and conditions of the doners bank. 


All donor paperwork will be filled out with the assistance of an fsn representative and donor contact details will be recorded separately. 


Committed donors who can afford to give this monthly gift will be issued with a copy of a report on how their gift helped the operations of the fsn. Doners will be listed in the "friends of fsn” database and issued with an information pack on request.


By giving a monthly donation of 5 euro, recruit donors will enable the fsn to continue services and budget for the long term. 

change a life appeal

The fsn is working hard to protect the services we provide, but the uncertainty around funding is a major concern. Funding shortfalls could mean that hundreds of people may not be able to access counselling services and those who are attending may have their services discontinued. The impact of such a closure would be devastating.


Our management team's main focus is helping people who are in difficulty and are thinking about suicide. We work to help them move out of the distress they feel and foster a hopeful outlook. We promote positive coping skills and help build resilience so that they overcome the distress they feel. Without this service, the impact on the people and families who come to us would be huge.


For some, coming to our service is the main focus of their day. For others, it helps them to keep safe and not use suicide as a way to end difficulties. The positive coping skills learned to keep clients safe are life changing, and without them their families would be seriously impacted upon. For many, coming to the FSN service is their only source of help and support.


It is widely recognised that the best way to prevent suicide is to REACH (React Early And Create Hope) out and talk. The fsn provides a safe space for people to come and talk about their experiences and difficulties, offering talk therapy if needed. 


Our counsellors often find that people will tell them about problems they are encountering that they never told anyone else and they allow our counsellors the privilege of helping them to start working through issues.

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