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We are so grateful that you are considering supporting us through an upcoming event or challenge. To enable us to support you as best we can, and to comply with legal obligations, we must keep a record of those fundraising on our behalf including all contact and event details planned. Please return this completed application form by email to: or by post to: The Friends of fsn, Fundraising Office, 46 - 47 Mellowes Court, Mellowes Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.


On behalf of fsn, we offer sincere thanks for your interest in raising funds to support our counselling service.


To help you organise an event, we have put together a list of points that should be adhered to, to protect all participating parties. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The organiser of any fundraising event or activity must abide by all applicable legislation and apply for any permits/permission that may be required. This is inclusive of all raffles, bingo, vending tickets, other games of chance or any public appeal. If you require guidance in this area, please call us. Copies of any permits should be sent to the fsn Office.


Event organisers are advised to ensure they have the relevant insurance and indemnity considered necessary in association with any event involving the general community or individual members of the public. Our insurance policy does not cover events conducted by external fundraisers. A copy of the event’s insurance cover should be sent to the fsn office.


Organisers wishing to use our name and logo must gain approval first and proof of the suggested use of the logo must be submitted to the fsn executive committee for approval.


All publicity in reference to the fundraising event/activity should clearly state that the event/activity is being organised by (name of organiser/company). All promotional material must be worded in such a way as to make it clear that fsn is either the only beneficiary, or is one of a number of organisations benefiting from the event. Messaging must be as open & transparent as possible.


The organisers will not represent themselves as having any agency relationship for fsn.


Please return the completed form to fsn for approval before proceeding with an event on our behalf.


Thank you again for helping us help others.


Best of luck!


don't delay, give today!

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