Finglas Support & Suicide Prevention Network


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Our volunteering opportunities involve highly immersive activities that offers altrusitic and concerned individuals an inclusive and accessible platform to help bring about positive change in the community by supporting critical grassroots initiatives.


Through collaboration with community partners and kindred organisations, fsn volunteering aims to enhance local capacity by addressing health, social and economic issues.


Our ongoing support for volunteers includes orientation, grassroots development training, hands-on project development experience, progress debriefing, cultural activities and access to connecting programmes.  


Volunteering with us commonly acts as a catalyst for building a career and strengthening applications for employment, particularly in the helping profession. It also cultivates relationships with community partnerships and organisations. 


Volunteer activities consist of several components that prepare and provide participants with the support and guidance needed to contribute successfully in projects in a sustainable manner, ensuring that volunteer work makes a lasting impact on participants and the community they serve.


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